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Vigilance is necessary for maintaining the health of the IT environment in any organization. But generally, organizations lack the expertise or necessary resources to do so. If you are focusing your precious time and resources on monitoring the system and resolving server management related problems, you are wasting crucial time and jeopardizing your long-term business prospects.
ITvision India is here for you so that you can concentrate more on your core business and leave server management and monitoring to us. ITvision India has been managing mail server for some reputed ISP providers. We have got complete Infrastructure to provide 24X7 support with 3 levels of technologists available.
ITvision India provides a comprehensive range of solutions and support options. Qmail/Sendmail/Exchange server management is one of the services that we believe is helpful in case of ISPs and web hosting. We build our messaging solution around Qmail/Sendmail/Exchange having SMTP/SMTPs, POP3/POP3s and IMAP/IMAPs access. Mail server provides backend connectivity to LDAP, MySQL, Oracle, Plain text, CDB, password etc.
Many Webmail scenarios like Squirrelmail, Sqwebmail, Open Webmail, Outlook Web Access and IMP over horde is supported and customized by us to suit the required deliverable. Collaborative environments are also deployed by as using open-groupware e-groupware, and open-xchange.

Benefits of ITvision India Remote Management Services

  Helps identify problems before they actually occur as experts monitor and troubleshoot your network systems.
  Smoother running networks allow less down time for the employees.
  Any eventual problems are resolved faster as experts in the domain efficiently handle them.
  It helps to free your staff from monitoring functions and spending time and resources on solving computer problems.
  Have access to up-to-date security software and virus protection software.
  Lastly, you have the confidence that the domain experts properly look after your systems and you therefore, can concentrate on the business in hand without worrying    about your server health.
  Automation of the configuration and provisioning of the server.
  Minimizing the cost and time taken associated with the task.
  Efficient management of geographically dispersed computer network equipments.

What are the possible repercussions if you do not opt for server monitoring?

  A very high probability of data loss.
  May result in loss of productivity.
  Result in failure of data.
  Missing out of preventative opportunities before manageable problems turn into crisis and affect Uptime of your organization.

Why Outsource to Us?

  Implemented India's first open source ISP setup
  Mailing solutions implemented by ITvision India having more than a million users
  Pure open source player - since 1997
  Large team capable of handling projects of any size

The key value propositions include

  Reduced operating Costs while never compromising quality
  Innovative approach
  Flexibility in resizing and scaling team quick response