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Application/Load Testing

With more than 1000 performance testing engagements behind us, we understand that our clients’ customers increasingly refuse to tolerate a second-rate application, be it for their professional or personal requirements.

They insist on their applications being fast, relevant, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and satisfying. With more applications competing for screen space and mind space, organizations want to make sure that their applications are optimized to deliver the experience their users demand.

As organizations continue to drive more customers to their websites applications, the increased traffic can push the application architecture's performance over a precipice. Performance issues are traditionally difficult to identify before an application is launched. When detected after launch, it often involves costly remedial work. ITvision India tests new systems in the development stage and provides practical corrective measures to ensure that problems are rectified at an earlier stage by using advanced testing services and tools.

ITvision India maintains a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) for performance testing services with highly trained personnel and specialized infrastructure. ITvision India builds customized performance testing solutions for clients using our remote web load testing infrastructure and data centers spread across the US and other global locations. The highly customizable performance tests help customers quickly verify changes prior to implementation.

ITvision India’ performance testing services include:

Load Testing – evaluates the capability of a system or application up to predefined goals.
Stress Testing – evaluates the capability of a system or application up to saturation or breaking point.
Volume Testing – load testing with varying volumes of system data to evaluate the impact on responsiveness and system utilization.
Soak Testing – investigate the impact of load over long durations on responsiveness and system performance.
Scalability Testing and Capacity Planning – evaluation of different elements of a system to determine its ability to handle changing and future needs.
Performance Consulting – need based staff augmentation of performance testing experts.
Performance Code Reviews/Profiling – review application for performance related issues at code level.
System Characterization – activities to identify specific performance characteristics of systems and hardware under test.

Why ITvision India for all of your Performance Testing needs?

Determine the capabilities of your application under load.
Gain an understanding of the performance of individual pages/URLs/Actions taken in your application.
Leverage ITvision India’ geographically distributed load testing infrastructure without incurring cost of building and maintaining this type of infrastructure on your own.

Leverage ITvision India’ relationships with tool vendors and knowledge of open source tools to provide the best testing solutions.