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Corporate Training

All technical professionals require periodic training to both refresh and expand their base of knowledge and keep their skills current and marketable. One way of accomplishing this goal in the past was to hire a corporate training firm. This usually involved sending employees to an off-site location while incurring travel expenses or otherwise paying big money for the privilege of having the firm conduct training within your own building.

This kind of legacy corporate training has plenty of shortcomings. Part of the problem centers around the lack of courses with enough relevant topic coverage and too much unnecessary coverage. Another issue is that course schedules offered by training firms rarely ever align to the timeline of the project. Once these logistics have been settled, the next disappointment is that the courses are rarely taught by true experts in the subject. In fact, most career trainers are too busy chasing after hot technology trends to become a true expert in anything. With no better solution, companies resort to desperate measures like sending only one or two key employees out to training, leaving the rest of the team in the dark due to the exorbitant training costs.

ITvision India offers a better solution. We staff a comprehensive lineup of Industries expertise, many of whom are working on senior position in Inida's tomp 10 firms. We can customize the curriculum of any training solution to suit the specific needs of each client, covering as few or as many technical topics necessary. Moreover, we will conduct training at the client location (or an alternate location of the client's choosing), thereby eliminating most employee travel expenses for training.

We offer training not only in traditional topic areas like Web 2.0, programming languages, Online marketing skill, Intelligence and databases, but also in topics that are considered too specialized to be offered by most training firms. Such areas include machine learning, speech analytics, graphics, computer vision, verification, project management, UML, computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and others. Coverage of these topics is often not available anywhere, previously making training on many of these topics completely inaccessible to businesses. Even where options do exist, it can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars to train a single team in many of these areas elsewhere. We can arrange training solutions which are affordable and provide more instructional expertise for the training dollar.

All training is customized, so please call us today to discuss your specific training needs at +91 9650 590 590.